New Article in Jornal da USP

Our multitasking @gtlandi has now published an article in Jornal da USP, together with Luciana Schmidt, a Medical Doctor

It is in Portuguese, sorry for some readers, explaining some new contributions from the group of Eugene Polzik, at Niels Bohr Institute. They show how to optically measure magnetic fields with high sensitiveness and no need of cryogeny, and how this can be a viable alternative to electrocardiography (ECG), capable of noninvasive (in medical sense) monitoring of the heart of a fetus (this is the part that appeals to Luciana!).

Congratulations, Gabriel! Long life to the partnership with Luciana and with Jornal da USP.

QTurn (proudly sharing)

Dear quantum friends,
We are happy to announce that the workshop “Q-turn: changing paradigms in quantum science” is now open for registration, submissions, and applications for travel support.
Q-turn is a new quantum workshop series, whose topics include: *quantum information theory* (e.g. cryptography, error correction, tomography, entanglement theory, many-body theory,  quantum optics);  *quantum foundations*  (e.g. correlations, causality, generalised probabilistic theories, quantum thermodynamics, quantum gravity);  *quantum computation* (e.g. simulation, algorithms, quantum complexity theory), and intersecting fields. As well as a scientific program, Q-turn will feature talks and discussions on issues that affect the quantum information community, ranging from diversity and inclusion, health and mental health, to workers’ rights.
To register, follow the link in our webpage:
Final registration deadline: ** October 31st**, but the earlier you register, the cheaper it will be!
Submissions should be a (max) 3-page description of the work and include a link to a published paper or preprint. To submit your work for a talk or poster in our scientific programme, follow the links in our webpage:
Submission deadline: **August 31st**.
**Apply for funding**
We will fully fund over 20 participants from all over the world (accommodation, flights and conference fee).
Partial funding is available to many more participants.
Preference will be given to early-career researchers, as well as scientists that belong to underrepresented groups in quantum information. Requests for funds for diversity or inclusion related purposes (e.g., parental support) are always welcome.
To apply for funding follow the instructions in:
Funding deadline: **September 8th**.
Looking forward to seeing you in Florianopolis,
Juani Bermejo-Vega, Yelena Guryanova, Ana Belén Sainz (steering committee)
Barbara Amaral, Fernando de Melo (program committee chairs)
Renné Luiz Câmara Medeiros de Araújo, Susane Calegari (local organizing committee)