Check out the latest papers from the group of Profs. Marcelo Martinelli and Paulo Nussenzveig, which were highlighted on APS’s This Week In Physics.

Hexapartite Entanglement in an above-Threshold Optical Parametric Oscillator,
F. A. S. Barbosa, A. S. Coelho, L. F. Muñoz-Martínez, L. Ortiz-Gutiérrez, A. S. Villar, P. Nussenzveig, and M. Martinelli,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 073601 (2018)

Exploring six modes of an optical parametric oscillator,
Luis F. Muñoz-Martínez, Felippe Alexandre Silva Barbosa, Antônio Sales Coelho, Luis Ortiz-Gutiérrez, Marcelo Martinelli, Paulo Nussenzveig, and Alessandro S. Villar
Phys. Rev. A, 98, 023823 (2018)

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