Colloquium @ IFUSP, Prof. Olivier Pfister, Thursday, 16/08, 16:00

Quantum entanglement and quantum computing over the rainbow

Live broadcasting at

An ultrafast laser emits over a vastly multimode gain spectral bandwidth — an optical frequency comb, or OFC — but the emission happens but one photon at a time, albeit in a stimulated manner. When one changes the gain medium from linear (one-photon) to nonlinear (two-photon), the laser becomes a two- photon laser (if the pump excites the gain medium) or an optical parametric oscillator (if it doesn’t) and two-photon emission leads to massive multipartite entanglement of the OFC modes, which has been demonstrated experimentally. I will explain how this entanglement can be harnessed and leveraged toward building a universal quantum computer.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Olivier Pfister é professor do Departamento de Física da Universidade de Virginia, e foi nomeado APS Fellow em 2013. Ele se notabilizou pelos estudos de estados emaranhados da luz em variáveis contínuas, em especial na geração de estados “cluster’’, com importantes aplicações na área de informação quântica.

Olivier Pfister is Professor of the Physics Department at the University of Virginia and he was nominated APS Fellow in 2013, “for his groundbreaking contributions to quantum optics applied to quantum information and precision measurements, including his discovery of the use of the quantum optical frequency comb of a single optical resonator as a support for massively scalable quantum information.”


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